10 Sep, 2021

A memorandum of understanding signed with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA).

Here is our CEO Tsukino Yoshikawa’s speech he made on 10th September at the ceremony.


Good afternoon. My name is Tsukino Yoshikawa. I am very humbled to have this opportunity to express my gratitude on behalf of「ISE FOODS Group」 at this signing ceremony.
We thank the Singapore Government to giving us the opportunity to present ISE egg in Singapore.
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to our VIP guests, Ms. Grace Fu, Minister for Sustainability and Environment,His Excellency Mr. Jun Yamazaki, Ambassador Extraordinary and the Plenipotentiary of Japan. Ambassador Mr. S Chandra DAS, and Mr. Lim Kok Thai, Chief Executive Officer of Singapore Food Agency for taking time to take part in this ceremony. I would also like to thank the delegates of the SFA who have guided this project, our shareholder, VERTEX who has given us so much support, and the members of the press for joining us today. In 2019, we embarked on this project to develop a 4th egg farm in Singapore.
Centered around Singapore's「30 by 30」target, We plan to introduce an integrated system through this project that will ensure「Food safety」and「a stable supply of eggs」. We are also looking at producing 「grains」that are healthy for both humans and animals in the future.
In terms of new technology such as AI IoT, we plan on working with various research institutes both in Singapore and Japan to help us improve the working environment, strengthen measures against infectious diseases, while also protecting animals, Our journey in working out the details of this collaboration with SFA and anchoring our operations in Singapore has taken some time. The pandemic took us by surprise, for example.
However, seeing how Singapore tackle each problem, always staying positive and pushing forward with conviction as a nation – that has been especially inspiring for us. This so-called "New Normal" way of life has impacted countries worldwide as well as our everyday diets and access to food. But no matter what the circumstance, we always hope and strive for what's best for our children, We hope for the 「safety of our family」and「 loved ones」,a better environment, and meaningful work.
At ISE FOODS Group, we constantly ask ourselves:
How are we able to contribute to the people and the world through our corporate work? This Singapore project that we are about to commence will mark「a new chapter of ISE FOODS」It will be a perfect opportunity for us to go back to our founding spirit once more, and reassess「what we can」and「should do」, while being grateful to all those who were part of building our 100-year legacy. Our goal is to continue supporting healthy and active lifestyles, while helping our friends achieve their dreams. With our motto of 「resilience」and「compassion」We will do our best to achieve this goal. Your continued support is very much appreciated. Once again, thank you everyone for joining us today, and a big thank you to those who have lent their support in making this event possible.
I would also like to sincerely thank our Chairman Hikonobu Ise for his tremendous support, and my beloved daughter for always cheering me on.
Thank you very much.

Please check our CEO’s speech and memorandum understanding signed with the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) during the ceremony at the link below:
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20Pr7p9qMJI
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwuTCdhy_W4

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